About Me

I have been a Professional British Female Voiceover & Actress for many years and I voice daily from my own ISDN enabled studio based in the South West of the UK. I am also represented by two of the best agencies in the UK, Excellent Talent (Voice Agent) and by Roger Carey Associates (Acting Agent)

I have built up a business lending my voice to a great number products and services around the world and have many clients returning to work with me because I am reliable, conscientious and have provided a great service.

I may be the voice inside your child’s toy or the story that sends them to sleep. I may be the voice that teaches you how to manoeuvre your way around the complicated world of computer programming, or the voice that your doctor hears when learning about the legality of patient confidentiality, or when learning about the benefits of a certain medication, or new medical procedure. I may be the voice you hear when you make a hotel reservation or when you’re driving, shopping or ironing with the radio on.

You may have seen me in the theatre or popping up on your telly occasionally.